Lately I’ve been wondering how parenthood can feel so overwhelming? I had to get a few teeth taken out the other day, ever since my girls have been terrors. They’re  being extra cranky, clingy, & trying to aim stuff at my face more…or so it seems. They’re too young to reprimand, so what do I do?

I’ve been trying to entertain them more. My oldest with artsy stuff. My youngest with rattles & teething rags. But I’ve noticed that I can’t seem to get any quiet time during the day, including 5 minutes to go to the bathroom in peace.

Now I think I need a couple of hours to myself. I love my girls, but this mama needs a small break. I’m starting to agree with a lot of other moms on facebook…where’s the village that our parents used to have? How is it that parents now a days don’t hardly get any help with their kids when they need it? I wish I had a little more help than I do…but I manage just fine.

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