This is definitely going to be a rant today…

I got onto my hubby’s insurance page to help him locate a dentist that’s in network that can work for the whole family. I can’t find a dentist in network without having to travel close to 50 miles away…we’re not traveling that far for dental work, especially with kids. Out of network has different charges & fees that are required, & depending on what needs done…possible out of pocket expenses.

We’ve been informed that if the new healthcare bill passes that our coverage on everything (medical, dental, & vision) will change & not necessarily for the better. I can’t keep up with every change that’ll be made medically, but dealing with medical personnel is a pain in the ass already…much less when shit changes again…

Can our political leaders actually help the little people more & not screw us over every chance they get??? Are we that disposable that they can fuck with our health & get away with it??? I would hope the answer is no, but it seems as if they can…and it really sucks! Can we impeach everyone in office & start new with everyday people, most likely the poorer class, & see what actually changes???

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