With Yesterday being May 4th, or Star Wars Day, I decided to have a Star Wars Marathon at my house. We are such movie nerds that it’s pretty normal for something like this to happen at our house. Our girls are pretty used to it by now, the oldest actually loves days like those. Yesterday she was running around in a ballet tutu swinging around her lightsaber, it was cute.

Even if our daughter is too young to realize what is going on in a lot of the movies in our house, she loves the craziness of them. They keep her imagination open, allows her to pretend more. Our youngest loves watching her sister play pretend, no matter what she’s trying to act out.

Both daughters are going to be encouraged to use their imaginations to their fullest extents. I want my kids to believe in the weird & impossible. To believe anything is possible, no matter what anybody tells them. To quote the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, “The only way to achieve the impossible, is to believe it is possible.”

I don’t want anybody crushing my kids imaginations. If I can help it I will be feeding their imaginations for as long as they want to believe in fantasy or science fiction or whatever you want to call it. Schools nowadays take away play & creativity…they make kids grow up faster than they should. I just hope my kids will keep their childhood alive for a while & not grow up too fast…days like yesterday give me hope for that!

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