Well tonight I experimented with dinner. My toddler keeps refusing to eat most foods, especially meat. So tonight I tried to hide the meat in a casserole. It was a salmon pasta bake. That may sound so disgusting to a lot of people, but it was a win with my daughter. She ate every bite of it! Score 1 for Mama.

I can’t always make her a separate meal if she refuses to eat…so I have started experimenting more with different foods, mostly meats, in order to widen her taste pallet so she’ll refuse less food in the future. I’ve even had to get less picky myself, just to help her. I grew up very picky, but now i’m not as bad. I’m hoping she won’t be that picky either.

Honestly though, she’s only almost 2 & already showing interest in cooking & preparing food. I might let her help me when she gets closer to 3…maybe stirring cake batter or something…idk yet.

I definitely need more recipes for meat to flavor it up without much time or too many spices…I’ve noticed my daughter prefers something with lots of flavor…so do I, but i’m still learning what flavors are ok together.

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