Wow, I can’t believe how long the weekend felt & that it’s May already. The Hubby took us & some friends to the lake this last Saturday. Besides the gnats it was fun. My oldest Daughter decided she would spend most of the time in the water. At 1 point she fell in the water, but attempted to swim…she couldn’t figure out her arms, so the Hubby helped her out. I was proud & worried all in 1. I remember being young & excited about water…then I almost drowned under an ocean wave, water is truly dangerous…at times.

My little 1 is trying to headplow her way off of pallets I make for her tummy time. I love watching her try to figure out how the crawl & roll over. Her Sister tries to read her books. Or shows her games as she plays them. It is truly freaking adorable how well they interact with each other. I fill up with more Love everytime they get along…which is more common at the moment.

But I can see my oldest acting out on more tantrums soon, especially since our friend’s youngest is a threenager…oh the joys of toddlerhood…lol.

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