I started watching a movie earlier today, I remember it being really good…it still is. But in the movie a kid gets killed…the movie is Looper. I forgot about that part, so when it happened it took me by total surprise. I broke down crying wondering how bad that movie mom must be feeling right then. That’s not the only movie I’ve done that with either…it’s been pretty much any movie with kids in it…especially if they get hurt or killed.

I remember watching the movie Noah when I was pregnant with daughter #2. The girls don’t get hurt, but they were threatened with death before they were born, for being girls. I couldn’t carry my kid, wondering the whole time if it would die.

With daughter #1 pregnancy, the hubby had me watch the Alien movie series…I couldn’t be in the room when the alien went after Newt.

I feel like I’ve lost control of my emotions since being pregnant & having kids…I can’t watch movies anymore without crying everytime something happens to a kid or pregnant lady. I feel like I can’t breathe if I see a dead child in a movie…

And it turns out that having kids has effected the hubby’s emotions too. Everytime we see an emotional movie dealing with kids, like the Hunger Games, he starts crying now…especially if the kid is a girl. he feels weaker for showing emotions, I believe he’s stronger because of it. It shows how much he loves our girls.

I’m curious if we’re the only parents who have had this happen to them with movies since having kids??? I doubt it, but I would love to know other people’s stories if they’re like us on this…it would make me feel less weird about my overflowing emotions.

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